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Independent technology advice that delivers

The WiseStart Process

Does your business have specific needs that must be met by information technology suppliers? Would you like professional input into preparing project documents and evaluating responses from information technology suppliers? The WiseStart Process provides the ideal way to connect business with technology.

Need IT Project Funding?

Do you have a need for information technology change, but don’t yet have funding approval?
We'll create a compelling business case for you to get the funding approval you need.

Does your team lack the knowledge needed to understand the complex and sometimes overwhelming world of information technology? 
Wiser Connections is here to help!

Trusted independent procurement expertise

Do you need to go out to market for information technology project and want trusted independent expertise for the procurement activities?
Wiser Connections is the perfect resource for your project, to guide you through the complexities of preparing a request for tender and lead your team through the evaluation process.

Strategic Planning Workshops

Does your business need to take stock and look at information technology needs into the future? Looking for advice and assistance with finding the right information technology for your business without it costing you a fortune? Book a Wiser Connections Strategic Planning Workshop today!

End of Financial Year Workshop

Do you have unused budget for the current financial year? Would you like to spend the remaining budget wisely? Book a planning workshop with us by May 31st and we’ll guarantee you’re invoiced by June 15th, helping you to spend your budget for this financial year and protecting your allocation for next year.

Client projects

We have a long history of providing independent, expert advice to businesses and not-for-profit organisations in South Australia. Here’s just a few examples of our recent client projects

Consulting services

We have a great range of consulting services that can help you sort through the complex world of information technology.

News and Research

From time to time we come across interesting titbits that we’d like to share with you…